Wait Your Turn

As a child, children are told to wait until you grow up to live your dream career. We ask children the question – what do you want to be when you grow up? Children with their bright eyes full of wonder chime off,  “I want to be a firefighter, police officer, lawyer, doctor.” The list … Continue reading

Be a Boss

“Surround Yourself With Bosses in order to create success for yourself.” Learn more about Boateng Creatives Consulting at Bossed Up this Thursday! Where I will be joined by other amazing movers and shakers in the the event and entrepreneurship industry. Boateng Creatives Consulting aims to be the premier contact for your event coordinating and project … Continue reading

Boateng Creatives – Revelations

Boateng Creatives – Revelations

After a two year hiatus, jumping back into reinvigorating my creative edge again was imperative. I must say, the hardest part isn’t jumping into the race, it is staying their long enough to cultivate your greatness. Consistency and grit is tough. Working towards your goals in a fearless way is even harder. As I read one of … Continue reading